View Full Version : Sony CDX-GT930UI vs. Alpine CDA-105

Winston Smith
05-05-2009, 01:25 PM
'Lo All,

I come seeking opinions about which of these 2 units would better suit my needs. I have a 2006 Acura RSX (not type-S, with the Bose; mine's the standard model) with the stock radio and speakers (I believe there are 6, with a pair of "tweeters" up front).

Basically, I want something that (1) sounds good (doesn't have to be world-class) AND (here's the kicker) (2) gets good reception for both standard and Hybrid-Digital Radio (I've heard some bad things about Alpine's current HD Tuner-module, but was wondering if anyone had some positive stories). I don't particularly care about expandability (I can say with 99% certainty that I will never hook an equalizer/amplifier/etc. up to this...I probably won't even upgrade the speakers!), but I wouldn't mind plugging in my MP3 player every-once-in-awhile. Oh, and here's the final "odd" thing: the unit I choose HAS to have some red lighting in/on it, to match my car's exterior/interior.


P.S. If there are other, even more viable options for me than the 2 units I've listed, as a famous man once said, "I'm all ears"...