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05-03-2009, 12:55 PM
I have an available area of 40x17x16 which gives close to 6.3. The subs call for 5.5 with 4-4x16inch ports. My problem comes in the conversion to six inch ports...or a non standard square port. i want to tune low (28hz) and seal to the back seat firing forward...heres my issue.

the square port that ive done to fire through the rear deck is 5x7x17, but the conversion on figuring if i have to supplement with a second round port to get the tuning i want is killing me :confused:

in otherwords I want to go with 1square and 1 6 inch instead of 4-4inch....(30.95x2 if i go with 2 6inch ports is what it calls for) but how do i convert and figure the new length if im using that square port as well...sigh...help

05-03-2009, 03:37 PM
pie R squared ( no not that pie ) just figure out the area of your rounds and convert
4 4" ports= 25.12 in sq approx
1 6" port = 9.42 in sq
25.12 - 9.42 = 15.7 in sq left over for slot port
thats how to do what you were asking HOW EVER that will be the wrong way to do it
aeros are more effecient than slot ports slots will typical require 12-16 in sq pr cubic ft of volume
btw those dims you have posted only gives you 5.0+ cubes after you sbtrat wood thickness so if you went to a slot port eclusively you need 60-72 in sq of port area

if you would like help w/ the math or a design / build quote just P M me
gl ether way