View Full Version : Best comp setup?

05-02-2009, 08:18 PM
a yes would it be better to just have 2 comp speakers 1 per door, and tweeters up high and have them on a 2 channel amp or would it sound better and louder with having 2 sets of comps up front, in doors, and put in kickpanels also and run off a 4 channel amp what would be a better sounding setup, would there be a diiference in sound between the 2 amps, the comps im lookin at are sony ones which handle 60 watts rms and the amp is sony which is a 4 channel for 60x4 rms im trying to decide what would be better 2 speakers on 2 channel or 4 on 4 channel also is it better for tweeters to be high?

05-03-2009, 07:40 PM
If your'e looking for Sound Quality I would have only one set of speakers,
why sony??
if your'e looking for SPL then yes add as many speakers up front.

do you already own that amp???
if not look around for more power into two channel or unless you want to go active some day then a four channel would work great.

Companyies to look into are Rainbow,Morel,Hertz,Image Dynamics, ETC.....
do a search on CA.com for what other think might be a better bargin for your money.