View Full Version : JL Audio CP108LG-W3v3 Ported 8W3 Loaded Enclosures

04-28-2009, 12:13 PM
I've finally got them setup the way I think they sound best.

They produce excellent bass. They sound a lot larger than what they are. The CP108LG-W3v3 is a well engineered, slot ported enclosure loaded with a 8W3v3. There 250w RMS rated each. Although my two 12" JBL 1202Ds in sealed enclosures on 150w RMS each, had a little more thump in the lower volume range and less distortion when turned up in the higher volume range.

The bass output from these little buggers is incredible. I've never heard a pair of 8s sound this good. In fact, the JL dealer that installed everything said the same thing. Today I brought my truck to a different audio dealer/installer, for a front stage install qoute, and they said the same thing. They were pretty amazed by the sound from such an insanely small enclosure/sub combo.

I would recommend this sub to anyone seeking high bass output in an extremely small space. They're about $200 each. That's one of the more cost effective loaded enclosures out there for small spaces.

If I could do it over again I would probably but a single JL 13TW5 and run that off my 500/1. Just for the cleaner look. I would be able to mount my amps on the rear wall with the subs. My current setup doesn't allow this configuration.

06-17-2009, 04:39 PM
Now that these are broken in, I am completely blown away by their performance. They produce a retarded amount of bass for 8s. It just goes to show you what a well designed enclosure, well designed subwoofer and the right amount of power can produce. I would recommend this to anyone with a very small amount of space behind their truck cab. Well, just as long as you want amazing bass that shakes your skull!

11-10-2009, 05:39 PM
So it's been almost another 6 months and I'm still very impressed with these loaded W3 enclosures. I pound these every day for about an hour (total driving time per day) a day and they sound better and better. I've been more into rock music lately and these subs actually have a very nice freq response and sound excellent at higher volume ranges. I've found myself turning the bass and sub output down on my 9883 HU a couple times. Not the case with Rap. These things get low. When I have my volume on 17-20 it feels like I have a child in the back seat going ape **** kicking the back of my seat. I'm impressed. For the money these are great purchase for the space challenged!

I still don't believe there is a replacement for displacement though. I would much rather have a couple 13TW5s in a sealed enclosure and a 1000/1 running them. However, my headlights dim when I'm listening to anything above volume 20. Especially Rap music. That...and I don't have a money tree!