View Full Version : question about blowing subs

09-18-2003, 03:36 PM
i am kinda new to car audio and ive never blown a sub or seen one get blown.... lately my left sub has been making like a wierd rattling noise when volume is up about real high like 3/4 way up. it doesnt do it at all when volume is lower than that. and it doesnt always do it at high volumes, but mostly when the real deep loud bass hits. i dont know why this is, i just took my subs out of my box and sealed it better becauz i found that air was coming out on sides( yes its a sealed box). i hooked everything back up the same as how it was before. now when im driving i usually cant hear the rattling noise but when i open the hatch, i hear it clearly. but my real question is is my sub blown? i thought when subs get blown they dont function at all and get totally destroyed. my sub still hits pretty hard tho. if anyone knows whats wrong with my sub please reply. also my subs are wired in parallel down to 2 ohms if that helps.

thanks in advance

09-18-2003, 04:52 PM
Any speaker can be damaged mechanically or electrically and sound funky but still work. If you press the cone in evenly with your fingers you can feel if there's anything binding, that'll tell you if you have mechanical damage. Also inspect for tears in the fabric parts. A speaker doesn't have to be totally dead to be "blown".

Also look for rattles in the box or trunk before blaming the sub.