View Full Version : Soundstage/Volume questions.

04-25-2009, 03:00 PM
Right now I have a set of CDT 5.25" Convertible Components up front, woofers mounted in kick pods, tweeters on the A pillars(left aimed at passenger right aimed at driver.) A set of 6.5" CDT Coaxial's in my Jeep's stock sound pods, but I moved the pods from the overhead position to the rear of the roll bar so they are pointing forward and much farther from the front seats. The sound stage is actually fantastic with the rears faded just a bit, but I really want a bit more volume all around. I have both sets getting 80w RMS. My amp can do [email protected] and [email protected] I've been thinking about adding more speakers to the system. I want more midbass for sure and a little more highs up front would be nice. I can put a set of 5.25" speakers in the stock dash positions but I think I would also need to add more to the rear channels to get them down to 2ohms. I've thought about looking for some midrange woofers and another set of speaker pods and just mounting them in the stock location(overhead). The stock position of the speaker pods is terrible for any sound stage, they sit right on top of the driver and passenger's heads, but I'm thinking that maybe if I'm just running midrange there it won't throw the soundstage off as much as having tweeters blasting into my ears. So I'm just looking for some input on my situation, should I bother trying to get my amp down to 2ohms?