View Full Version : removing a headunit from a 95 maxima

04-25-2009, 11:57 AM
I have a general idea how to do it, but I would like a PDF and pictures on how to do it to make sure.

I see two screws underneath where the deck is I am pretty sure I have to unscrew those to get the trim off but like I said I would like to have some pictures or a website to reassure my self

04-25-2009, 12:08 PM
just pull out anything that seems to be in your way getting a pdf will be hard on here because you can do it yourself just google it .

05-03-2009, 11:16 AM
Once you pull out the shifter trim you will see two screws holding the bottom part of the radio assembly. There are two more up top. To get to those pull out the clock/vent panel on top of the radio. This can be a little hard to get off. Using apanel removing tool or a butter knife helps quite a bit. Unscrew all four screws and the radio panel comes out. Make sure you try to keep the felt type material in place on the edges of the panels to minimize squeeks after the install.