View Full Version : trade between bassknocker23 and mihklo

04-24-2009, 09:36 AM
figured i would throw this out there for others to see. with all of the BS that i have seen going on around here with getting scammed or people recieving jacked up **** and the seller not wanting to help or getting extremely defensive when being questioned. thought this would show people there are still good people out there to do business with.

we set up a trade for his modded xbox360, controller, cords, and 2 games for my palm centro with a bunch of accessories plus 15 to cover the shipping of the xbox.

i shipped out on saturday he shipped out tuesday. he recieved the phone wednesday and i got the xbox on thursday. hell i even got 2 new shirts out of the deal! lol

he accidentally forgot to send the games, but will be shipping them today. the audio jacks on the av cable came broken. i ordered a new one off of ebay and he is sending me the 8 bucks to cover the cost of replacement.

communication between the both of us was fantastic. with all the scamming going on around this place it is nice to be able to still do deals with honest people. something came messed up and he has done everything to make things right in the end. i would def do business with him in the future, and would recomend him to others as well.

04-24-2009, 11:34 AM
i also had a high dollar trade deal with bassknocker23. his PS3 for my laptop. i shipped out on a saturday. he shipped the next monday. communication was VERY good ( i still have over 50 pm's between us). i am still working on getting the wifi on the laptop to function as it should. that was the only hang up, an i have already sent the cash out to have it taken care of. very cool guy to deal with, very good at answering pm's, and doesn't BS anyone. i'd deal with him again for sure.