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04-23-2009, 05:16 PM
I bought a brand new 160 gb iPod, but realized I liked my old school iPod a little later. I did not use this thing at all until my Speck Toughskin cover came in and it sat in my drawer in the box, because I did not want to scratch it. I used the actual iPod for only 3 days.

It comes with a black Speck ToughSkin case, brand new never used iPod Earbuds, and the brand new USB cable that was used 3 times. It is currently loaded with 60 gigs of music (Electronic, hip hop, rock, classic rock, basically lots of different genres) that can either be left on, or the iPod can be restored back to blank.

I am selling it for $230 + shipping (will probably be 5-10 dollars depending on where you live via USPS shipping). I have bought and sold on here before and can provide references (although the last time I sold something was my RL-P subwoofer a few years back, so I would have to track that guy down). I also am an active ebay user and can provide my Ebay account w/ 100% positive feedback as well.

I apologize for the lack of pictures now, my roommate has the camera and he won't be back until an hour or so, but I will post pictures by tonite most likely. The iPod itself is in flawless condition, I had it in the case the entire time.

Please post or pm me if any of you are interested in this, thanks!

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any trade interest..i have a nice JL 10W7 i just pulled outta my truck