View Full Version : Northeast dB Drag Championships???? DONE!! Sept 20

04-17-2009, 08:31 AM
this is the event you dont wanna miss:

Psychoacoustics and F.O. Spl present:

Smoke on the Water 2009

3x DB Drag
3X Bass Race

1 day event

$50.00 entry fee gets you DB Drag and Bass Race...wait it gets better
We want everyone to pre-register for this event...heres how it works:

If we can get 30 competitors to pre-register we will give you half your entry fee back...
thats right a 3x event for only $25 bucks

now being from the Northeast and knowing everyone there should be no problem getting at
least 30...so lets say 50 competitors...now we will really go 'PSYCHO"...entry fee will be $20 bucks
pre-register with paypal:
[email protected]
dont forget to include your name please

what else will be goin on, hmmmmm, lets see:

how bout gas cards??? done

yo, Psycho Bill, what else should we do???...lets give away a T3 TSNS 18....done

what else...Did someone say "Bass Race for cash"...done

man im hungry...how bout you Bill???..food and drink at this show...done

lets show everyone what the NorthEast is about...so who's in???