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"that boy asad"
04-15-2009, 02:10 PM
How would you rate this head unit, I currently use a Alpine CDA-9835 which has 105db Signal to Noise and the Clarion is 87db... will it be a big difference, which would be better - keep the 9835 or get the clarion?

04-15-2009, 02:43 PM
Nice find Fred!

I don't know why this deck is so far low on the radar. There is nothing "budget" about this deck at all. For $159 shipped, this is a sweeeet deal.
I currenlty have this deck as a back up unit. I picked this deck up as well as a Clarion 9255 last year in a package deal for $500 locally.

This deck has one of the most flex crossover sections of any 2 way plus sub deck. One could use this deck to run 3 way plus sub,and use the crossover of the subwoofer amp for the sub. The high pass section can be ran as low as 630hz, the other two outputs can be bandpassed between 25hz-8k I believe, with phase reversal settings that can be accessed on all pre-out outputs.

It measures a true 6v on all pre outs, unlike Alpine, they use a lower pre out for the subwoofer section.

Don't let the 3 band p eq scare you. It's really 6 bands. It's 3 per left and right sides, all can all be adjusted independently. Enough for the avg user. 3 pre set eq settings, with 5 levels of adjustment for each setting. All can be used with the p eq settings as well.

The time alg can be adjusted independently per driver, as well as gains set per driver. There is a quick " all seat" default setting for the times you may have a front seat rider. It will remember the time alg setting that are set and tuned for the driver.

The sound restorer works nicely for those using mp3's, Ipods....it too can have 3 levels of processing.

The USB sections works nicely and moves pretty qucikly through music folders.

Ipod input works great as well.

Sound quality, this deck is a 9. Only 2nd to the 9255. The 9255 may be overkill in many ways, given the purpose for everyday driving, and not for comps. This is a very clean head unit. Sound quality wise, it's close to my Eclipse 8053-- my classic favorite. The 24 bit D/A is not only used for the cd section, but for Ipod and USB playback as well.

This is a far better deal than the JVC head units so many were crazy about a few months ago. Again, this is a nice deck and even sweeter for this price.

Copied off of DIYMA and I agree 100% I have the later model but it has the same features. I dont know about the Alpine you have but the clarion is hands down the best active headunit in that price range and is better then some units almost twice it's price.

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Hah... I forgot about the review you did....

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=( I no feel the love.