View Full Version : Alpine IDA-X305 Question?

04-12-2009, 03:05 PM
If I get the Alpine IDA-X305 ($270) with the PXA-H100 ($125) and KTX-H100 ($25) would I have the same sound quality as the Alpine CDA-9887 ($350) with the Imprint KTX-100EQ ($190)? My prices come from:


I have a CD changer so that is not an issue. I also believe both are the 24 bit DAC.

I'm really torn here and would appreciate your help.

04-12-2009, 05:35 PM
the 9887 has everything built into it. the only reason for buying the ktx-100eq is to use the auto tune feature, which really isn't that great. once you use the ktx you remove it from the system and the settings are stored in the 9887.

the 305 has nothing more than treble/bass settings on it's own. you need the pxa-h100 to have any sort of sound control. the ktx-h100 is simply the mic/software and not needed unless you want to use the auto tune feature. you have to leave the pxa-h100 connected at all times or you will lose all settings and sound control abilities.

the only benefit to getting the 305 would be for ease of ipod use and it's display (artwork). the 9887 is a far better hu. i personally had the ida-x001 and ida-x100 w/ the imprint kit and i was not happy with the sq of either unit. i got rid of both of them.