View Full Version : Eclipse (Or Any 4 Channel) Amp Wiring ?

09-10-2003, 05:48 PM
-------------I'm sorry, I just realized I posted this in the wrong forum, I just made an identical post in the amps section :banghead: -------------------------------------

-------But if u can help my anyways, I" would be greatly appreciative------------

I just bought a new eclipse 32440 to power my speakers. (I was planning on getting a smaller amp, but couldn't pass it up for $199) I am guessing this is a really good amp figuring it usually goes for around $360. Right now I have the front 2 channels powering my front 2 speakers, and rear 2 to the rear speakers. My question is this....

I still have a shiva (300w rms) that needs to be powered. I have a jbl 600.1 that I used to have powering it, but was thinking of wiring all my speaks to the eclipse. So I would wire all the front and rear speakers on the same (front) channel. I would then bridge the rear 2 and run it to my sub. Now it says if i bridge the 2 channels, I would get 240watts rms at 4ohms. This setup is even an illustration in the manual.

I wouldnt be overpowering my amp by doing this would I. I do not really need all that much power for all 4 speakers on 4 channels. Right now for my speakers, I only have the gains maybe 1/4 way up on both channels. The only disadvantages of doing this new setup would be having no rear/front fade, and that I would only be sending 240w (but I am guessing the eclipse amp is a little under-rated)
to my sub instead of 300 (from my jbl 600.1 at 4 ohms)

The manual doesnt give the output of bridging the 2 rear channels at 2 ohms (which my shiva can also handle) so I'm guessing it isnt a good idea.

So if i do hook all speakers and my sub to this amp, I wouldn't be overpushing it would I? Would the sub sound better running off the eclipse's 240w than the jbl's 300? Will my speakers sound worse having 2 channels running them over 4? It would really make things a lot easier if I am running just the one amp instead of having the jbl just for my sub and the eclipse just for my speakers. Please give me any advice on this area. Do any other of you have a sub and 4 speakers running off a 4 channel amp? Any advice or insight will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.