View Full Version : Storage area fiberglass box for 4 6.5'' W3v3's

03-28-2009, 12:39 PM
Hey guys! This is my first post on this forum! Im looking for someone who has worked with the 6.5'' W3v3's.

I have a 02 Ford Explorer and Im wanting to finally put a system in. I worked in a small stereo shop for 5 years, attended RITOP in Waterton, MA and was MECP certified 4 years ago. My plan is to run 4 of the 6.5'' W3v3's off a PDX1.600. I use the storage area a lot to haul my road bike and tool boxes for my races. I want to pull the rear storage compartment and build a box firing forward under the rear seat so the factory ''floor'' remains the same when I fold the seats forward. The compartment has about 1-1.2 cu. ft. The subs require .15 per sub so space isn't an issue Im just curious if this will have enough to satisfy my bass cravings once in awhile.

I usually listen to rock, punk, acoustic stuff but Ill occasionally throw in some rap. Thanks in advance for any help or experiences with these little subs.