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Freeride freak
03-28-2009, 04:04 AM
Hi, I am building an enclosure for my new 10w7 in my Hilux single cab ute. I have attached some designs I have come up with. Please keep in mind the pictures are more for the design then measurements(they will be tuned to JL's spec) . Because of the limited space I had to design a quite different shaped box. In the picture the sub is represented by the black semicircle. I need help however deciding some final details. Firstly, are there any of the designs that would be better for sound quality? Second would these designs suit a sealed enclosure or a ported one? If ported, where and how would you make the port?I have kept the sub as low down as I can, because as you can imagine you are litteraly right ontop of the sub! Also the overall diameter of the sub is 267mm and my max at the bottom is only 205mm, so Im going to have to tapper or figure some way to widen the box at that point. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appriciated.

Sorry the pics are crap! But you get the rough picture.

http://img27.imageshack.us/img27/9689/subenclosuredesign001w.th.jpg (http://img27.imageshack.us/my.php?image=subenclosuredesign001w.jpg)

http://img7.imageshack.us/img7/383/subenclosuredesign002.th.jpg (http://img7.imageshack.us/my.php?image=subenclosuredesign002.jpg)

Freeride freak
03-29-2009, 04:33 AM
No one else has any advice?! Not on direction, or whether ported or sealed would be more suited?

03-29-2009, 10:07 AM
Hey man,
Im kinda having a hard time getting some responses to my questions on this forum too. I figured Id see if I could help a little. What kind of vehicle is this? Never really heard of it. What kind of amp will you be using and what kind of music do you listen to?

A 10'' W7 will sound good in whatever box you decide to go with. A ported box will have awesome low frequency response and the sealed box would be very accurate and tight yet still be capable of hitting the lows, just not as violent as a ported box. All depends on how much room you have and what music you listen to.

Hope this helps.

Freeride freak
03-30-2009, 03:15 AM
Never heard of a Hilux!? Anyway Im using a JL 500/1 and listen to mainly rock and folk/country. Thanks for the help.

03-30-2009, 04:27 AM
Hilux is a pickup truck. Things never die. Not sold here