View Full Version : is chopped mat ok for large enclosures

09-06-2003, 08:25 PM
if i can stay at my house instead of being out of town working, Iam planning on building a fiberglass enclosure the enclosure is going to be about the 3 to 4 cubic feet. i was wondering if i could used chopped fiberglass... for this big of an enclosure or would it be best for woven fiber?
hopefully i wont have to go out of town for a while..........

EDIT : how many layers for chopped? i plan on reinforcing it and putting a divider in the middle....... how much fabric do you think i should need?

09-07-2003, 08:50 AM
youll need a lot. my advice to you it to use mdf to make any large flat surfaces on the box. use mdf wherever you can. i have a situation right now were im building a 3-4 cube box that will have no flat surfaces so i cant use any mdf. im gonna have to use 10 - 15 layers of mat and maybe even more on the flater surfaces. right now ive only done 5 layers and ive already used like 5 bags of chopped mat.

as for chopped or woven. use woven for the layer. its a lot easier to work with on the first layer. it contours more easily then chopped. of course if its thin enough chopped it wont make a difference. i dont think the strenth difference it noticable between one layer of woven instead of chopped. i do it because it dries smoother than chopped and its easier to work with. its also good for the last layer if you plan on sanding the box. its easier to get smooth.