View Full Version : FS DFI Lanparty Ultra NFII B Mobo and other stuff.

03-24-2009, 07:38 PM
Selling a used DFI Lanparty Ultra NFII B Mobo. Coming out from a computer I parted out. Last time the computer was on(2 months ago?) it was working perfectly fine. If interested pm so I can take pics and send em. Asking 30 + actual shipping obo. I have the original packaging, but don't know about the drivers, they can be downloaded anyways.

you can check out any specs here http://www.dfi.com/portal/CM/cmproduct/XX_cmproddetail/XX_WbProdsWindow?action=e&downloadType=&windowstate=normal&mode=view&downloadFlag=false&itemId=320

Also can include an anthlon 2800+ xp, at least thats what i think it is plus heatsink for 10 bucks more if you want em.

Oh ya... Also have a radeon 9700 pro. Was a little beast during its time, still works pretty well, can't play the graphic intense games that well, but is still good for things like CS, dod... iono. Anyways, don't really know how much these are worth so 25 + shipping OBO.

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