View Full Version : Sealed box Q

03-21-2009, 12:41 PM
this is my first box build, nothing complicated or big, i have an old JL 12w0-4 and am building a new sealed box for it. it recommended sealed box volume is 1-1.75 and the sub displacement is .07. would it be bad to make the new box slightly larger than 1.75? i'd like to mount my comp amp and the sub amp to the back and would need to make it slightly large to do this. another question; does the height and depth have to be equal? the box its in now is. idk if thats something i should shoot for or if it doesn't matter at all. thanx!

EDIT!: nvm, im dumb. i was measuring the outside of the box instead of the inside to find the volume. it won't be even close to the 1.75. but i'd still like to be reassured that the ends dont' need to be square.