View Full Version : Need help with 15" L7 ported box

03-18-2009, 11:32 PM
I have one 15" L7 kicker and a zx1000.1 powering it..

at the moment i have a temporary ported box my friend built but i need to make my own because all of the premade boxes online are way to small for one sub.

I am putting it in a 1998 olsmobile cutlass and the trunk space i have to work with is either (pushed back all the way to the seats):H-16.5 W-35 L-20 or (pushed up to the back of the car):H-20 W-37 L-20

I am looking for a box between 3-5 cu. ft.

Also if anyone has any suggestions, what should I tune the port to? 32hz?