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The 5th Automotive R & D Engineers Conference


Date: Sep.25-27,2009 Add: Shanghai Worldfield Convention Hotel

Also hold: Automotive Academy Leaders Union Conference
The 5th Automotive Design Exhibition

Support: SAE-China

Organizers: Automotive Industry Academy, Jilin University
Shanghai Youshi Business Consulting Co., Ltd
Chinese Automotive Conference Web http//www.made.com.cn

1. Description
1.1. Purpose:
- Analyze the effects of top technology on automotive industry;
- Know the advanced technology of automotive R&D;
- Create the new mode of component and whole vehicle enterprises synergy development;
- Accelerate the global cooperation of whole vehicle and components enterprises;

1.2. Topics:
1) Automotive Energy-Conservation Manufacturing Technology and New Material Application;
2) Automotive Body R & D Trend;
3) Conjoined-Track developing foreground for new energy technology and automotive R & D;
4) Discuss the successful corporation model for Study/Research/mass-production;
5) Advanced electronic technology will create miracle for automotive industry;
6) Innovation technology effected on automotive future;
7) Five years trend analysis for vehicle;
8) Five years trend analysis for commercial vehicle;
9) Five years trend analysis for passenger car;

2. Who can attend
Government supervisors, Experts, Academician, Automotive main-machine plant, R&D director, Project investment managers, R&D project managers, Product managers, General engineer, Dept managers from technology dept/design dept/process material dept, Project core member; Project management and engineers from automotive industry/System integrated units/Software developing units/Science and technology institutes /R&D center/Technology center, R&D supervisors; Any involved engineers from auto or automotive components manufacturing industry/logistic area /consulting field/finance or investment structure/academy and colleges/high-tech park......
Forecast attendees will be around 300-500 heads
If you belong to below what we are looking for, Kindly contact with us and you will receive some surprise
1) Automotive R & D Senior management;
2) Leaders or project managers for whole vehicle R & D;
3)Automotive design experts or professors and involved decision-making;
4)Senior supervisors or experts from famous automotive design house;
(Special telephone line: 86-21-33518744, 13801949747 Mr Deng)

4. Other terms
1) Section conference
Plan to hold "Status and future of automotive design" and "Structure setup and cycle management for automotive development" and like that series technical activities.
2) Exhibition
In order to display those advanced technology and strengthen technical communication among companies, Organizers will hold "The 5th Automotive Design Exhibition", Welcome all involved plants, design house and universities join in. All exhibitors will be given freely one-year advertisement space in "Automotive Conference Web", Your brand will arrive at three hundred thousand professional customers.
3) Paper collects
Organizers will edit and publish EVENT DIRECTORY for <The 5th Automotive R&D Engineers conference>, Welcome those excellent engineers and technical talents send us your paper focus on above mentioned topics, We will announce partial excellent papers in conference and award the certification. The detail requirement about paper as bellows:
1)Surround the topics with correct data and real content, Total words limited in six thousand;
2)Write your paper with word format (.doc), The margin for each side must be kept in 30mm, Don`t keep your print pages in the paper;
3)Attach English abstract with your reference literature and its author instruction/contact in your text;
4)Acceptance deadline: July.31, 2009 (send e-mail to [email protected]);
5)The elected paper's author will have chance to be invited to attend this conference with no charge;

5. Exhibition field and price
A: Five trade fields
▲ Design products and awarded products;
▲ Industrial design units and organizations;
▲ Innovative design products;
▲ Design patent;
▲ Design education organizations and its harvest;

B: Main types for exhibition
Automotive sculpt design and engineering design(oil clay model included) and software
Conception vehicle and peculiarly vehicle products
Automotive decoration products and technology
Automotive body products design
Automotive mould design and forming technology
Automotive power design and new energy technology
Decoration and Chassis design
Dummy emulation technology and software
Quality control and measurement technology
Vehicle security technology
Electric vehicle technology
Derailleur design
Electronic design
New material and lighten technology
Energy-Conservation & Reduce-Exhaust technology
Automotive drive technology
Automotive model、toy cars and ramification
The latest harvest be transformed from universities and academy
Patents technology and harvest from person and companies
General visual show
Design content or situation show
Design show from universities and academy
Other technologies be helpful enhance automotive R& D level
Other products related with design

6. Primary Schedule
Registration and exhibition prepare on Sep.24.2009;
Conference on Sep.25-26 morning 2009;
Automotive R &D Section forum at the afternoon of Sep.26.2009 (Free for attendees);
Visit day on Sep.25-26.2009;
All applicants who register in-advance before Aug.31.2009 can be freely attend, Others will be charged RMB20 per ticket.

Former Speakers (List without order)
Guo Kong Hui
Expert of Chinese Academy of Engineering/Honour dean, Automotive Industry Academy, Jilin University;
Ge Song Lin
Vice Secretary, SAE-China
Guan Xin
Dean of the Auto Engineering College,Ji Lin University/Director, Automotive Dynamic Simulation State Key Laboratory
Li Jun
Director of technology center, FAW/Engineering Doctor
Rong Hui Kang
Vice Director, the Expert Committee of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers
Zhang Xing Ye
Honour Director , Chinese Auto Engineering Association
Song Jian
Vice dean, Tsinghua Automotive Engineering Development Institute/ Vice director and professor, Tsinghua university;
Vice Director, Automotive Security and Energy-Conservation State Key Laboratory
Chen Zi Qi
Vice dean, Automotive Engineering Institute, Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd
Liu Bo
Vice dean, Automotive Engineering Institute, Chang An Auto
Zeng Hao
Vice dean, Automotive Engineering Institute, Chery Group
Yu Zuo Ping
Dean and professor, Auto Collage, Tong Ji University
Zeng Ying Long
Director, Developing Center, Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd.,
Wang Deng Feng
Vice dean, Auto Engineering College, Ji Lin University
Zheng Zu Dan
Director, Passivity Security Dept, National Center of Supervision and Inspection on Motor Vehicle Products Quality (Shanghai)
Sun Yun Bo
Design Director , HIDEA Auto Design (Shanghai) Co., Ltd..
Cai Qian
Sculpt Project Manager, Sculpt Dept of Shanghai Volkswagen Technology Center
Lei Yu Cheng
CEO, Shanghai Tong Ji Tong Jie Technology Co., Ltd
Chen Jie
General Manager, China Auto Design and Development Corp.
Fan Jun
Engineering Technology Director, GETRAG Asia Area
Lai Xin Min
Director, Mechanical and Automatization Dept, School of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Marco Bonetto
President and Chief of Designer, Italy Bonetto Design Company
Karsten Wachholz
General manager, EDAG
Fulvio Giuliano
President,IDEA. Institute S.P.A

Experts support (List without order)
Ma Zhen Hua
Chinese Area General Manager, Canada Creaform
Zhao Yu Min
General Manager, Beijing Troitec
Dave Seifert
Sales Manager, Instron Corporation
Chen Jian
Chinese General Manager, Materialise
Su Jia Min
General Manager, SuZhou Autek
Yu Ning Mei
Professor and Vice Dean, The Faculty of Automation and Information Engineering, Xi'an University of Technology
Lu Jin Huo
General Manager, IAT(China) Auto Chang Chun Branch
Wu Yong
Chinese Sales Director, Cobra China
Zhang Jun
President, Consultation Group, Beijing Progress Strategy Consulting Company
Mr Renaud Kenda
Engineering Consultant and Global Project Development Manager, LMS International Corp.
Tang Wei
EBU Product Manager, PERA Global
Xu Jin Zhou
Board Chairman, Japan CDAJ Company
Yang Zheng Rong
Vice General Manager, Automotive Electronic Marketing Center, Renesas Technology
Li Feng Fan
Chinese Director, OPTIS France
Huang Shu Ya
General Manager, East China Dept of Road Ahead Technologies Consultant Corp..
Qian Wei Xun
Senior Technology Manager, PTC China
Zhu Guo
Chief representative of Objet Company Shanghai Branch
Keith B Selby
China Technology Consultant , Modern Engineering Inc.
Jeremy Geiger
Asia-Pacific Manager of RTT AG
Dong Yin Ping
Senior Product Expert , Mentor Graphics Corp.
Andreas Sprick
Project manager, passive safety department of APPLUS+

Contact with
Contactor: Mr Deng (13801949747)
Tel: 86(21)33518744,33518742 Fax: 86(21) 6290 4313
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: Http://www.made.com.cn
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