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03-17-2009, 02:33 PM
I have a Pioneer DEH-6800 HU, a rockford phosgate amp, and 2 15" audiobahn subs. I've been trying to mess with the EQ and other settings to encorporate as much bass as possible and bring up the highs and mids too. I've got two sony xplod 6x9's up front and the factory door speakers in the rear with tweeters installed. No matter what I do, I can't get the sound I'm looking for. The best sound quality I got was when I switched the Sub thing to where the rear speakers don't cut on (WTF) and just power the subs...but then of course it isn't as loud in my car anymore. I've got some Polk audio speakers im going to replace the rear speakers with and I want all of the speakers and the subs to be running..if you can't tell I dont know a hell of a lot about this kind of stuff and it even seems like my old ****** sony explod HU sounded better...so any help would be much appreciated because I know it could sound really good.


03-17-2009, 07:32 PM
Sorry I was high when i posted that question.

What I am looking for is improved quality in the music (mainly rap, for example: Three Six Mafia). My old Sony Xplod deck only had lows mids and highs a fader/balancer and "SUB" that I could mess with EQ-wise, and I could make the music clearer on that thing I think. I would just turn the low's to 1 and the mids and highs to 8 and put the subs all the way up...but I mean theres gotta be sumthin im not doin right. That was just a **** walmart HU.

Um...ok...so when I switched the Sub setting to where the rear channels are used just for the subs and thus the speakers are cut off...the quality of the music improves drastically...but when i put in my polk 6.5"s I, ya know, wanna hear em...

Could I just run the rear speakers with the front speakers?

Should I power the speakers through a seperate amp?

Also: WTF is the HPF setting on my deck?? When I have it so all speakers are running, the only way you can even get some good bass is cranking everything up and tuning the HPF thing to 50 hz. But when I have it so the back speakers are off...the subs don't get quiet.

gaaadddaaaamn im confused. someone help a brotha. pleeeez dont make me put that sony xplod back in. :( :(

03-17-2009, 09:52 PM
LEss than great equipment, less than great install, tweeeter in the rear=no no, and no point in trying to improve things by putting better speakers where you can't appreciate them.