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03-15-2009, 12:03 PM
I have been researching 2-way car security paging systems and have to say that I am confused as to which is the most reliable. Dealers seem to be opinionated to the brands they carry. Reviews online are vast.
I do know the features I would like are the following for a 2009 Jeep, 2 door Wrangler:

1- True one mile distance?
2- remote open doors and tailgate separately if possible
3- When canvas is down (this is a soft top) the alarm can sense an intrusion via adjustable shock sensor?
4- Can sensor adjust via remote?
5- Remote can inform when car has started?
How (visual/auditory)?
6- IMPORTANT! Large remote display (easy to see symbols) LCD vs. OLED?
7- System can show temperature of inside vehicle?
8- Extend the run time of engine if needed via remote?
9- Remote shows countdown of how long engine will run before shutdown
10- Remote give visual and audible warnings For which features?
11- Remote starter feature can shut off engine manually
12- Activate the alarm remotely with display showing activation
13- Unit has a multi tone siren
14- Parking Meter timer
15- Unit have LED anti theft display on dashboard
16- System can arm itself even if there is a faulty switch
17- System can bypass the sensor that sets system off repeatedly
18- Is system passive or active?
19- System has an immobilizer

I know I am asking for alot. I have looked at the following systems:

1- Compustar Pro P2WSSR

2- Autopage RS-1000OLED

3- Scytek Vision Guard 8000

4- Viper 5901 Responder

5- Prestige XR09100

6- Clifford Matrix 50.7X Responder LC3

7- Clifford 70.5X Color Responder R/B

Please help me make the right decision on this expensive and important investment.

If you know a better system please share.

Thank You,

Don Seddio

04-25-2009, 06:07 PM
I'm still debating on choosing another alarm, but I can tell you what not to get! The Scytek Vision Guard 8000 is straight B.S. Friends tell me Compustars are pretty good. I don't know much about the Viper 5901 but there's quite a bit of refurbished Viper 7900's and Clifford 70.5's for sale on Ebay so that can't be good. Everyone seems to have some kind of problem with the O.L.E.D alarms. Let me know what you choose or chose.