View Full Version : Rear firing in cabin area in Hatchback

03-14-2009, 01:05 PM
I was doin some basic tests on finding the resonance peak of my car with a small box in the rear cabin area. the box i used is small so when i build a very large one, the note may change but what i found in my car is-

loud for music is 39-40hz
loud for comp which is loudest overall is 60hz even.

Anyway, i wasnt using a large enough amp to do the test i wanted to but am curious on somethin...

Has anyone with a hatchback ever done a rear firing speaker wall?
I use the term wall to illustrate how large the box would be, no it's not actually a wall but a very large box with plenty of space on the sides.

Basically, you would have subs and port on the baffle but both facing the rear.
Back of box touching front seats, rear firing into the hatch area. there is about 6-10in of space on each side of the box. the box would be about 3-4in from touching headliner.

I got some interesting results from rear firing this tiny box but i need something large to test with, i need more than 1 person but before i dedicate time, has anyone tried it?