View Full Version : Need suggestions for good value 6.5 speakers that can handle 100 wrms

03-13-2009, 04:54 PM
My current speakers are jl audio and they only range up to 75 wrms and I now have an amp that will be giving them 100 wrms so I'm not sure they are going to hold up. I am looking for a good value set speakers that could take 100 wrms that won't break the bank. I am still new too car audio, but believe I have the component's up front with the tweeters and coaxials in the back right now. I woud need to keep below $200 for all speakers and preferably under 150 (new or used). Also, I will not be putting power to tweeter's, just the speaker, if thats how it works I think. My amp is 4 x 100 wrms. I would appreciate any advice on my situation. Thanks in advance.

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03-14-2009, 02:26 AM
Put some ID CTX65CScomps in the front and leave the rears out.

03-14-2009, 11:12 PM
IF you set the gains right, a 25 watts difference aint gonna make or break anything and could actually be considered pretty much meaningless in the grand scheme of things. Just throwing that out there if that's the only reason you're doing this. Matching rms numbers is generally advice chain stores give to beginners to keep a sale simple for people who have little or no understanding of wattage ratings, and to avoid long lines of blown speakers coming back through the front door.

The fact that amplifier a makes x amount of power and speaker b can take y amount of power means nothing if you know power delivery isn't constant when playing music and you don't have to use all of it anyway. There are people who will run amps rated for 2-3 times a speaker's rms rating all day, every day, for years with no blowups. I have run 140 watts to 125 watt components for 6 months.

03-15-2009, 09:04 AM
Just put the amp to those JL's and watch the gain. Should be fine with those.

However if not and want some nice budget friendly comps. hit up the Pioneer Premier 720c's. I love mine! On my 2nd set...........and only reason I am on my 2nd set is because I sold my first set when I went broke, lol!

Can be had for 120 smacks new if not a little more at most places online.