View Full Version : Mcintosh mc425 and Jl audio 12 3ohm w7

03-11-2009, 03:45 PM
Hello I have a 08 avalanche regency with the luxury package
It came with a navagation system that plays dvds and
it came with a premium bose system that i hate .
I want to build a super clean SQ setup in my truck. they say that cars have better acoustics but I want to be able to overcome that obstacle.
I just bought a mcintosh mc425 and I also have a
jl audio single voice coil 12in W7
I need some help on suggesting some great great sq speakers to go along wit the Mc425 for my front stage and rear. I didn't know if I needed another amp for the rear stage to keep up with the w7.or if i could run front and rear off the MC
and if i did , please give me a list of amps i could be looking for.?
Also wanted to know what would be the best placement for the w7 .I was thinking of building a wall in the midgate behind the rear seats and putting the w7 in the middle of the wall. please any body with expertise experience please help me out i really want this to be pure sound quality along with the w7 hitting notes in the 25hertz and below range while the mids and highs are crystal clear
thanx for your support

you can also email me at [email protected]