View Full Version : Sony CD changer adapter issue

03-10-2009, 05:19 PM
Hi All,

I am having a weird issue with my (quite old) Sony CDX-M610. It still works perfectly except for some quirky behavior when I have the CD Changer Adapter hooked in.

The adapter I got from Amazon basically just tricks the HU into thinking that the Unilink CD Changer is attached. It displays "disc 2" and then turns on the RCA input, which I have my MP3 player hooked up to. Sounds great and it's very slick!

However, about 1 of 3 times when I start up my car the HU won't power up. The radio will come on but no lights, and it won't let me change sources, only volume and tuning. It appears to be off actually, but runs. I hit the little reset button and everything comes to life, but the HU loses my sound settings (oddly keeping the radio station programming..)

All of these issues go away when the PAC adapter is unplugged. Sometimes I can get the HU to turn back on after turning the ignition off -- if I leave it set to FM radio with the face open. Thats only a 75% success rate solution though.

Any ideas? This one sure is strange. No emergency, but I do think it would be neat to not have to take 30 seconds to reset the **** thing every time I turn my car on.

Background info: I have a 95 Maxima SE with the stupid Bose stereo, so the speaker outputs from my HU actually feed into this weird little attenuator thing to set the signal down to line-level for the amps located at each speaker. I hope this isn't causing any issues.

Thanks, experts!