View Full Version : Mounting A Fiberglass Amp Rack

DJ B-Stee
08-31-2003, 03:27 AM
I just fiberglassed an amp rack for a audiobahn a2002t in my trunk, but it's top heavy and keeps falling out of the corner it's fitted to. i tried velcro to the carpet, but it doesnt stick very well to the fiberglass back. are there any ideas on how to secure it better?

08-31-2003, 09:35 PM
is the amp falling off or the rack? have u tried screwing it in? a pic would help

08-31-2003, 09:41 PM
Drywall screws/carriage bolts

09-01-2003, 12:43 AM
Yea, Posting a pic would be a big help, let us see what your workin on, then we might be able to better help..

But it sounds like you need to FAB a few brackets to hold your rack in place

DJ B-Stee
09-02-2003, 09:49 AM
Nah the amp isn't falling off the rack, the actual rack is falling down. I haven't even mounted the amp to it yet, but when it's placed in my car where i fiberglassed it, it won't stay secured. does that mean i did a bad job of the mold?

09-02-2003, 05:05 PM
Not really ... always expect to secure these things with either screws or bolts. Velcro works in some applications.

- Steve

DJ B-Stee
09-02-2003, 05:25 PM
How do i screw it in??? it's basically a box with no way to get to the back of the box and screw it in.... i could understand if it was a sub box, cuz i could just go through the sub opening, but since i used a rectangular sheet of plywood instead of a mdf ring, i have no opening like that to screw in from...

09-02-2003, 05:27 PM
Maybe you could incorperate some really nice bolts in the corners ... :D

Hmm ... with the weight of the amp on the rack ... it still won't stay in place?

- Steve

09-04-2003, 01:12 PM
Nobody is going to see the back of it correct?? And since your amp will be covering the wood, why don't you cut out a part on the wood to get your hand in there, and when you install it, the amp will cover the hole.

09-07-2003, 08:53 AM
i always build amp racks using steel for the main structure and mdf for the rest. that way i can weld it wirhg to the frame and ground the amps right to the amp rack. if you cant find a way to screw it in, you could weld it.