View Full Version : Need advice on which alarm system/remote start system to get

03-09-2009, 10:54 AM
I would like to install a security system with remote start in an '09 Jeep 2 door Wrangler. I am looking at 2 way LED or OLED systems with a one mile range.

My first question is what are the advantages/disadvantages of LCD and OLCD? easy/difficult to see day/night?

Also, I guess seeing the display day or night is another important feature

I was looking at these systems:

1- Prestige XR09100

2-Autopage RS-1000 OLED

3- Viper 5901 Responder

4- Python 1090

Here are some features I would like to have:

1- What is activation/deactivation distance?
2- Large remote display? Easy to see day/night
3- Does remote open doors and tailgate separately or all together?
4- When canvas is down can alarm sense an intrusion via shock sensor?
5- How does sensor adjust? Via remote?
6- Does remote inform when car has started? How?
7- Large remote display? Easy to see day/night
8- Does system show temperature of inside vehicle?
9- Can I extend the run time of engine if needed?
10- Does remote show countdown of how long engine will run before shutdown?
11- Does remote give visual and audible warnings? For which features?
12- Can the remote starter feature shut off engine manually?
13- Can I activate the alarm remotely with display showing activation?
14- Does unit have a multi tone siren?
15- Parking meter timer?

Thank you for any advice you could offer.

Don S.

03-09-2009, 11:19 AM
The Viper 5901 or Clifford 50.7x would be your best bet.
Up to a one mile range.
One of the larger displays out there, and quite visible, even during the day
Opening the doors and tailgate independently is more of an install issue
Shock sensor won't sense intrusion, but a prox sensor will (DEI PN# 508D)
Shock sensor is adjusted with the remote, all otehr sensors manually
Remote informs of any action with appropriate icons
Yes, it measures temp
Runtime can be extending via programming, and I think only with BitWriter
No countdown
Visual, audible, and tactile warnings for pretty anything the system does
Yes, you can manually shut down the engine
Of course, you can remotely activate the alarm.
6-tone siren included
Has a stop watch, but not a countdown timer, as far as I know

Do NOT get the Python 1090. You're asking for trouble. See : Clifford 70.5x
Autopage is a tragic waste of plastic and circuitry.
We have more problems with the Prestige than I care to get into. We've already got it on clearance, because we want it to go away.

Also, keep in mind... If you purchase a DEI product, and have someone else install it, you get ZERO warranty. If you're worried about a warranty, then you need to purchase it from, and have it installed by, a DEI authorized retailer.