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03-03-2009, 01:32 AM
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Discount car audio (http://www.saxochina.com)is generally used to refer to the sound system in an automobile, though the term also refers more vastly to the field of mobile entertainment and is becoming a hobby at large. The most common and recognizable piece of discount car audio equipment is the radio/tape player/CD player which is usually described as a Head unit. Many cars contain at least a CD player. Speakers are located in rear parcel shelves and doors of a sedan in today's automobiles. Before stereo radio was introduced, the most common speaker location of cheap car audio was in the middle of the dashboard pointing through perforations towards the front windshield. Amplifiers provide the needed music power. High Power amplifiers involve a large gauge cable to provide suitable voltage and current to the amplifier. The amplifier is a very important module of a loud speaker system. When linking too many speakers to the head unit alone you need to be careful as it is dangerous with cheap car audio equipment. Alternators may be upgraded from the stock unit to increase the current capability of the vehicle's electrical system, often required of high-power wholesale car audio system components. Installing a capacitor is another option when trying to provide substantial power to the wholesale car audio system. (http://www.saxochina.com)
An effective method of saving money when shopping for car audio equipment is to either go for wholesale car audio equipment, by skipping the retail stores, or shop online by way of the Internet. High-end audio systems comprise component speakers that consist of a matched tweeter (small, high frequency), mid-range (medium, medium frequency) and woofer (large, low frequency) set. Car audio accessories include RCA adapters, converters and inverters, power distribution blocks and noise filters. This helps to give your music a clean sound and better listening pleasure.

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