View Full Version : DNX-8120 8120 issues - SQ - hiss - iphone disconnects - hating it

03-02-2009, 10:02 AM
I have a few issues with my Kenwood DNX-8120 . At first, it seemed like the "best" dd out there for navi and everything but now I'm wondering.

1 - iphone disconnects constantly. Sometimes it says " authorization error " and other times it just disconnects and reconnects. Sometimes you have to restart the whole unit beofre you can plug the iphone back in. I'm lucky to listen through an entire song before it cuts out. It seems to work OK with my wifes ipod video - so I don't know if it's an incompatability issue or what??

2 - Sound quality is flat. Even messing with the EQ didn't seem to give me any true definition, especially when playing rock or anything "busy"...everything sounds mushed together, at any volume. There is an SRS WOW setting - if you turn that on, everything is much clearer and bass is deeper BUT it introduces VERY noticable hiss/rumble which becomes louder and louder as you progress through the different levels of SRS WOW. Seems to me the unit lacks SQ in "normal" mode then tries to make up for it by using SRS WOW (which really seems like a new way of saying "LOUDNESS").

I really like the NAV, bluetooth and some of the other features of the unit but I've realized that SQ is the most important thing to me. Should I consider another unit? I wouldnt be opposed to a single-din, if the SQ was up to par.