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02-26-2009, 08:45 AM
Greetings all, I'm new here and an all around newbie when it comes to car audio. My first set up was a hand me down of 2 JL w3c in a JL box with JL 500/1 and 300/4 amp with random mids with a precision eq/sound processor in an accord coup. I just traded in my accord for a ridgeline a few weeks ago and started planning a real system.

I want to start with a Kenwood Navi (DNX-7120?) to a Audison Bit One Processor. I'm still trying to decide what amp(s), I was considering the Audison VRX 6 DIRECT 2 paired with the Audison VRX 2.150.2 or a refurb Mcintosh or Arc Audio set up or Audison LRx combo for budgets sake... For mids/ highs I'd like to go with Morel Ovation Comp up front and Morel Tempo Coax for rear fill. I was also considering a Hertz / Morel Hybrid for my front mids/highs but I have a bit of money saving before I get to that point... For a sub, I was going to go with the JL stealth box.

My biggest goal with this system is keeping the system low profile, maintaining the functionality, minimizing impact on the interior of my truck while having a decent SQ system on a relative budget.

03-15-2009, 02:54 PM
Welcome to CA.