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02-25-2009, 02:23 PM
I posted a couple for sale ads last night, didn't think to check email and find this forum area.

Anyway, my name is Matt, I am from Dallas/SF, CA area ~ lived both about half life each place (I move back and forth a lot). Right now I am in CA, but moving to Dallas stat to get married.

I have been into car audio since 1992 when my dad got his first real system in what is not my 928 Porsche. Its a full Digi-Max fiber optic system from Alpine (Pre-F1 expensive stuff) with twin 3558 Class As.

I got my Frank Amp N stein a few months later at 15 (for my 16th birthday lol) because the dealer called and said they only had 2 left, and we had to act quick. Had it all this time, still works flawless and only one small scuff.:eek:

Since then I have worked at a few dealers in Dallas, and recently aquired a ton of gear (most of it in sig).

Anyway, thats more than anyone cares about, but the email told me to write a short bio. If anyone has any install needs or questions, feel free to shoot me a pm and Ill try to help out. Im pretty good at figuring out strange installs or wiring/tuning problems.:emb:

BTW i have a 86 Mustang Race car twin turbo windsor (motor is being finished currently should make around 1800-1900 hp without nitrous) its been posted all over the internet on many car sites Im not even a part of...

a 2004 Cobra with bolt on mods which wil be my current stereo car, just waiting for amp rack to be finished, Double Din Alpine already installed

1 1993 Cobra that I am selling because i've driven it 100 miles in a year. (paranoid to leave it anywhere)

a 87 928 that I above mentioned

and a 2007 Civic that I leased to keep the miles down on the toys.

also, the fiance has a 99 FRC Corvette we are doing a large Phoenix Gold system in in the next few weeks. I'll be installing all of it and will get pics when it is done.

Ill be selling the 93 and 2004 Cobras in the next year or so and getting a 08/09 Orange Viper coupe.

03-15-2009, 03:07 PM
Welcome to CA.

03-15-2009, 03:10 PM
welcome. pics of cars?