View Full Version : 18 inch sub enclosure help/amp actual specs

02-24-2009, 01:26 PM
Im new to this forum all though i have been reading allot of posts and trying to learn more about car audio. However i was abit late on finding out about the sometimes negative feedback on a certain ebay seller patrick chandler/ Robot underground and have purchased an 18 inch subwoofer with the lighning audio tc desgned motor the one for sale now. i chose dual 4 ohm so that i could wire it to a 2 ohm load.

I plan to build either a sealed enclosre or a ported enclosure tuned relatively low 27-32 hz. was wondering what cf i was looking at for both box types.

I also was curios couldnt really find much clue anywhere as to whter or not spl was related to the "feel" of the bass. in short which box has more shake a sealed or a ported enclosure.

I Drive a Buic Le Sabre limited 97 and have rouglhy 6-8 cu' of awkward air space in my trunk(would have to have many different sized parts to fit in trunk.

I have
a soundstream scx 8
BAMF5500D < power acoustik
5500 max 1 ohm
3200 rms 1 ohm
2500 rms 2 ohm
1700 rms 4 ohm

considering i paid 270 shipped for this amp im assuming that those are not actual specs or they are specs at ideal circumstances (higher votage rating?)

so 2 part question ported or sealed volume for either

and realistic specs on my amp. Thanks a million

Mark Stephens