View Full Version : Are these numbers correct?

02-24-2009, 11:16 AM
Im not sure if these numbers are correct. I am building a box for 2 2XL15" pbx Subs I want the box to be w-43", h-19",D-20". which gives me 9.4 cu ft correct? Im going to use 2 slot ports and i want it tuned to 35 hz. I tried a couple different port length calculators and i came up with a H- 19", W-2", and depth 12.7". Is that correct?

02-24-2009, 11:22 AM
You need to do a 1:8 ratio on your width to height

I would do 12H x 3W x 11.5L

02-24-2009, 01:00 PM
so what would it be for 8 cu ft?

02-24-2009, 07:57 PM
43x20x19(external dimesnsions) gives you just 7.8ft^3...not near enough for two 15's before any displacement.

02-24-2009, 09:08 PM
sorry thats internal dimensions.