View Full Version : Wiring component sets in series

02-21-2009, 08:23 PM
I expected this to work, but it didn't. The crossover frequencies sounded altered quite a bit. I have a fairly good understanding of electronics, so if anyone could point me to a good discussion about the details of what is happening, that would be appreciated. My specific issue is that I'm trying to use a pair of Diamond Audio Hex S600S wired in series for a home speaker. I understand the basics of how ohm load is integral in crossover design, but it's still not clicking why wiring the crossover units in series won't work in the same way that you could wire 2 120V lamps of the same resistance across 240V and, since they are matched, they'd see the same load. (yes I know about how frequency/inductance/capacitance works). I would have expected that a matched component set could be wired in series. Anyone else have experience with this.?

[edit] maybe I asked this too quick... researching the RAF output option right now. I know it's for connecting another set of speakers, but I had assumed they would be in parallel. Might be wrong.

... bah.. can't find any information that tells me what the ohm load will be.