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02-21-2009, 01:34 PM
My buddy has a 2008 Suburban, and he wants a system installed in it. He will be keeping the stock Bose/Nav head unit, but will be adding a JL audio cleansweep. He has a Rockford "25 to Life" Power 1000 that puts out 100-110w rms X 4 @ 4ohms. He is looking for recommendations for speakers for the front soundstage. The doors will be deadened prior to the install. He is looking to spend $400-$500 on the front components. He is looking for a good SQ setup, but he wants it to be able to get LOUD w/o distorting if he decides to crank it up. He listens to mostly pop/rock. Most of the shops around him only carry the "big box" brands (Pioneer/Infinity/Polk), so when it comes to any "high-end" speakers, he is going solely on recommendations. I do believe he is going to want to lean towards a silk tweeter though...other than that...all recommendations are welcome.

He is considering:
Morel Dotech Ovation
Hertz MLK
CDT (unsure which model)
Rainbow (unsure which model)

If anybody wants to add any others, please do with an explanation of why.
He can bridge the amp to 400w rms X 2 @ 4ohms, if he needs more power to push a particular set.

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morel hybrid ovations