View Full Version : need help! speakers making weird bass like distortion sounds

02-18-2009, 09:51 PM
well i just bought a kicker zx 650.4 and i only have 2 6x9's on that amp for the time being till i buy some components to go in the doors. my headunit is some type of premier i believe a 1900 it has 3 outputs on the back (front, rear, sub) For the sub i have a RF T2 (dual 4 ohm) powered by a hifonics bxi 1600d wired at 2 ohms. well i drive a VW TDI and im kinda strapped for space especially with the RF recomended box setting in my trunk, omg this thing is big takes up almost all my trunk. my hifonics amp is sitting under my box (box is bolted to the roof of the trunk, not the lid just the trunk) and my kicker is screwed to the back of the sub box, with the second battery crammed to the side of my box.

well when i first had it hooked up everything sounded perfect but now my speakers that are ampliefied by the kicker amp are distort horribly everytime there is hard bass in a song but if i turn the bass knob conected to my hifonics that only powers my sub all the way down the distortion is gone!!!! i can turn my volume all the way to the top and no real bass distortion but the speakers distrote horribly aftger turning the bass knob back up.....

the only thing i can think that is causing this i guess is that my sub must be throwing out a magnetic field when turned up screwing up my kicker amp that is mounted to the back of the sub, does this sound logical?

i just want to know before i buy more wire to try to move my amps to god knows where in this car