View Full Version : Clarion dxz785usb Help Please!!

02-18-2009, 07:24 AM
Hey everyone how are you?

Okay so I ordered the clarion dxz785usb off of newegg to replace my nicely toasted dxz765mp which I absolutely loved.

So I can tell this new one is a quality unit but it's giving me a headache and I'm hoping I didn't get a lemon

All I'm trying to do is manually adjust my Bass and Treble. Yes that is it. My HU does not seem to work as specified in the manual

If you look at page 15 of the manual there is a certain sequence.. I'm using normal mode so lets go with that.


Sequence as stated in manual: SW-Volume <> DZE <> P.EQ <> BASS <>TREBLE <> S RESTORER <> HPF <> SW LPF <> BALANCE <> FADER

My sequence: SW-Volume <> DZE <> P.EQ <> S RESTORER <> HPF <> SW LPF <> BALANCE <> FADER

I realize his could easily be the n00biest question ever asked and a little part of me died not having figured it out but is there some odd problem with my HU or did I miss something blatantly obvious..?

Any ideas?

Thanks Everyone