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08-21-2003, 11:34 PM
Hi all, new to the site.

I have an '03 GMC Sierra. I intend to build an upgradeable box to house my 8" Kicker solo - to make it easy to refit to larger and multiple woofers.

Being the **** bastard I am, I want this box totally form-fitting, but I don't want to construct the box in the truck and stink it up with resin fumes. I'd rather cut down on this by making an mpression of the floor, with all it's contours, and finish it in my garage. What's the best way to pick this up?

One idea: foil the floor and then just glass up on top of that. But there will be some cure time involved (smell) and if it leaks... hoo boy.

There's probably an easier way of doing this that hasn't occurred to me.

- Neil

08-21-2003, 11:54 PM
Your car really won't smell that bad if you keep all the doors open and have a fan or 2 running....the scent should be gone in a few days anyways.

The problem with making an impression - aside from finding a way to do it - is that the impression would have to be dead on in every single area, otherwise it may not fit as well as you would like. It's not worth the hassle in my opinion. The best way - put a layer of painters tape down (going in one direction), then a layer of foil, and then another layer of tape going the opposite way from the first layer to prevent any resin from leaking through. Then just do one layer in the car, let it cure, then take it out and finish up the rest of the layers in your garage.