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02-11-2009, 04:18 PM
new to the forum but not an audio idiot!!!!

so looking for some advice and direction you (the experts)

here's my current set up

2001 vw gti

Alpine IDA X300 - head unit
Mono 500 v2 JL
12' Jl w6 V2
monsoon oem interior

looking to upgrade the interior sound as it gets lost with the subwoofer.

Alpine is coming out with a new power pack adapter that plugs into the back of my current head unit and will push out 45wrms to the interior speakers, this is a option i am super interested in, as i dont want to hassle with running a bigger gauge power and all the other work with running a second amp. I dont wont to deal with designing a new trunk setup.

here's a link :

so questions to you are:

what do you think about the alpine power pack?
what matching components and coax would you suggest in the $300 range for both?

i listen to rock, metal and punk mostly, so i want to stear away from harsh tweeters.

i will also be taking the time to properly sound dampening the the interior whill i have everything pulled apart!!!

thanks for the help