View Full Version : Speakers Blown?

08-19-2003, 06:30 PM
I just got my system installed like a week ago and have only been listening to it for a couple days. I have been having all kinds of weird problems since i got it installed but they have been easy solutions. Anyway the latest problem is now i think the speakers are blown. I had it working good and it sounded clear but the other day i was listening to it super loud with the bass up hella high and i think the speakers blew because it was straight slappin and then all of a sudden the volume dropped like 50 percent and the bass dropped and so did the treble and now it sounds like ****. I have listened to it that loud a lot of times and it never showed signs of quitting. The next day i went back and checked the connections and it all looked fine so i go in the car and it still sounds bad. I turned it up a little bit and i heard a crackling sound (sounded like an electric crackle) and it sounded normal for about 10 minutes and then it went back to sounding like blown speakers. And now it just sounds blown. I dont know though im not 100 percent sure. Well here is my system:

Blaupunkt San Jose Head Unit (working properly)
Profile CL 400 Amp (not the california one the gold one)
Infinity Kappa 693.5i 6x9 speakers

It sounds like the speakers but it could be the amp, i dont know because I am not super experienced with car audio. Also when I have the speakers playing for extended periods of time it smells like something is burning i swear! I don't know what all this means. The speakers are each getting 100 watts RMS and they can handle 110 watts RMS so I dont know why they would blow!