View Full Version : Profi V Kicks -- fixing too much bass?

02-10-2009, 12:25 AM
I got some Rainbow Profi V Kicks - I love the tweets but overall there is too much bass. The installer said I might get this problem because I'm using a stock head unit and did not get the piece of equipment to even out the signal (maybe an "integrated signal processor"?). I have an Infiniti G35 -- the comps on this car are placed pretty low by your feet.

I'm wondering if I could just swap out the Kicks with standard Profi V comps (maybe $200-$300) or if I'd need to get the signal processor installed (probably much more after HW + installation).

Overall set-up: Rainbow CS 265 Profi Vanadium Kicks, DLS OA8 free air, DLS A4, Stock HU