View Full Version : dd1508 after break-in review

02-07-2009, 04:25 PM
these subs take a while to break in so mine might still have some more to go.
ive added a plexi loading wall infront of the sub and swaped out amps to the mtx 81000d now.
that little 1508 is a bad *** little woofer. playing test tones, its very strong in the 35-60 hz range but the most suprising is in the 35-45 range where it gets it very good. it will take the 1k in a 1cuft box ok if your smart but i would recomend a smaller box if you really want to beat on it.
ive had a few people mistake it for a 10" and the look on their faces when they seen that its an 8" was priceless.
it seems to have well over 1.5" of x-max before you start to hear it stress but this may still be due to it needing to loosen up some more.(dd says that breakin may take several weeks to months to complete.)
i highly recomend this 8"er to anyone looking for a beast of a 8" driver. and dont worry, it has absoultly no problems getting the "lows" most of you are looking for.
imo the 1508 gets an a+

if you have any question about this sub, send me a pm and ill get back to you.

02-09-2009, 11:51 AM
here are a few pics