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02-02-2009, 05:48 PM
I have two pretty decent aftermarket 5.25" speakers. I would love to replace the factory speakers in my 2002 mazda protege 5's rear doors. The stock speakers are 6", so is there a way to make my 5 1/4" speakers fit into the 6" opening? Also, the factory speakers have three screws (one every 120 degrees) and mine have four screws (one every 90 degrees)...in case that makes a difference.

I think I am looking for some pre-made adapters from 6" to 5.25" inches. Anybody ever come across anything like that? there seem to be adapters available for lots of other sizes, but I can't seem to find anything for 6" speakers.

Help would be so appreciated!

02-02-2009, 11:28 PM

02-02-2009, 11:30 PM
make some mdf baffles, very simple, use the search feature

02-02-2009, 11:31 PM
your better off making your own with some mdf