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02-02-2009, 01:35 AM
Just a little background before I throw the question out there... I used to have an Eclipse CD5000, sold it and bought a Pioneer Premier DEH-P790BT. My reasoning behind the change was primarily because I was unhappy with the iPod controls on the Eclipse and I wanted the Bluetooth controls on the Pioneer. The problem is, the sound quality with the Pioneer doesnt seem to be nearly as good as the Eclipse was and I seem to have a considerable amount of hiss with the Pioneer. I am not using the internal amplification at all, I have external amplifiers for everything and they have been the same amps since before even the Eclipse head unit. I am considering changing the head unit once again, and this is where I am looking for some opinions.

The decks I am considering, in no particular order, are:
Eclipse CD7200MKII
Pioneer DEH-P800PRS
Alpine CDA-9887
Alpine CDA-9886 w/PXA-H100

I am looking for opinions on which unit everyone thinks I should buy (also, if I am missing another unit, please let me know). Of course there is a bit of a limit on cost, but most all of these fall in around the same price anyway. My biggest concerns are:

1. Sound quality (although I use an ipod, I also have quite a collection of cd's that I regularly enjoy and want the best sq I can get within a reasonable price range)

2. Little to no noise introduced by the head unit (hiss, etc)

3. 4v or better pre-outs. I am a firm believer in higher voltage preouts. I know they arent required, but I have been messing with this stuff since 4v preouts were rare, if not impossible to get, and have experienced the difference.

4. Bluetooth. I dont know how I would live without this anymore!

5. Decent iPod controls would be a huge plus. The eclipse and pioneer are the only decks I have used enough to judge the ipod control functions and I have found both of them lacking in usability.

I guess I would also be interested in anyone who has had good luck with the Pioneer unit I have now. Is the hiss I am experiencing the norm for this unit, or do I have a bad unit perhaps?

If there is any additional info you would need to assist me with this, please ask, and thanks in advance for the opinions!