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02-01-2009, 03:38 PM
figured i'd throw it up here too just incase I got a bite
1993 Full Size 2 Door Chevy Blazer

Color: Red
Miles: 153xxx
Power Windows

4 Wheel Drive on the fly
Lots of recent work, new year round all terrain tires bought in the last year

Pros: Bought two years ago, new paint from then. Truck runs great, recently put lots of money into it to get it running right, and just was inspected so it's good until February 2010. Tires are new within the last year and have tons of mileage left on them. AC is cold as ice in the summer. Only one place with rust. Truck is overall solid, and a BEAST. This thing has some power. Never taken off road or onto trails, no mudding, or any of that crap. Recently made the trip to Montana, and back with no problems. Has aftermarket Pre-Fabricated Q-Logic Kick panels which hold 5.25 speakers. The car also has 4 other aftermarket speakers installed (Polk) I believe. That were only used by the owner before me.

Recent work:

Timing Belt
Replaced Cat-Back Exhaust
-Intermediate Pipe
Fixed the drivers seat
Replace Rear Brake Shoes
-Wheel Cylinders
-Axle Seals
-Brake Fluid
-Brake Shoes
New Drivers side window (was robbed,they smashed the window so it got replaced)

Cons: Passenger side rear rocker panel is rusted out pretty bad. Had it taped over to pass inspection. Not too expensive of a fix to have somebody weld sheet metal on there, doesn't cause any problems while driving. There is a little bit of tint on the passenger side window that still needs to be scraped off. Not more than an hour long project w/ a razor blade. As of now there is no stereo in it, the stock radio is in there but not hooked up. It does have the wiring kit, and dash adapter so you can put in your own aftermarket CD player quick. Center console between seats is a little busted, plastic on the bottom is broken and the top is locked shut. Never really looked into replacing it. Another thing is underneath the steering wheel there is a plastic piece missing which just hides some of the wiring . There is some surface rust on the wheels, but it isn't horrible. The wheels are pretty cheap to replace if you wanted to make the truck rust free.

As you can see most of the cons are small details that could be fixed, or left as is and not have an effect on how the vehicle runs.

I'm really just looking to trade this for a car, or suv that gets better gas mileage as I commute pretty far to work. This truck isn't necessary for me, I never haul anything and never have passengers with me. Looking for trades or 4,000 obo.

Edit: Pictures are a little old, they don't show the surface rust on the wheels. Truck is cosmetically in great condition still. It cleans up very nice.

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very nice truck man GL with sale

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