View Full Version : Ideas and help please..

01-25-2009, 12:57 PM
Ok I have a 2005 Chevy 2500HD 4 door.

I had a camper but took that off as the wife really did not like it much, said it made it look like an SUV not a truck. lol So now I am trying to fit a system in the cab and finding that to be a bit hard.

I had to Pioneer Shallow Series subs but well after 2 sets going up in smoke, I have up on Shallow subs they just don't seem to put out the bass I am use to or want.

I can't fit a full size sub behind the seat, so I was going to remove 2/3 of the seat and put 2 of my IA DP 18"s there but it's only 36" so they will not fit and the wife wants to keep the 1/3 of the seat or the 2/3 of the seat and also be able to see out the back window.

I have a sound stream xxx-6500 for the subs and I have 2 FUNKIN AUDIO MF12G2 but never used them before they can take the full power of the amp at 1ohm but not sure how they will sound for everyday use and I think I could fit them in the 1/3 seat spot one of top of the other and still be below the window as they only need 2.742cubes ported @ 40hz.

I really would like to do 2 12 FI BTL's or one 15 BTL off that amp but not sure if they can take the rated 6500w at one ohms..

Any help would be great, I am looking to go to some comps as well any idea what class one of these setups may put me in, I don't want to be in something way to hard to win or even have a chance at. ;) But I do drive this truck a lot so needs to sound good on music as well if I can.