View Full Version : The fabled question.. I listen to metal/hiphop.. bad combination when looking for box

01-21-2009, 11:29 AM
OK.. well..

My front stage is 2 ID OEM mids and 2 SEAS Neo tweets (27TAFNC/G)..

I used to have EDi 6500 components..
I also had 2 Ascendant Arsenal 12's in a sealed 2.5 cuft, 1.25 per chamber, on my last setup and they were decent.. I had 1200w RMS from an ED NINe.1 on them..

Well, they were SOOOO much louder in my friend's explorer when I sold them to him.. And obviously it's an SUV, but you don't understand.. like they barely had a decent bit of bass in my car (much less than my friend's Kicker CVX in a 1 cuft prefab sealed truck box sliding around in his '06 Mustang).. my trunk is terrible, so I'm going to have my rear deck vented (the carpet is over the only hole in my rear deck where a stock subwoofer would have gone, gonna cut that circle of carpet stuff out :)).

Well, on to my new setup..

I want much bigger and much better, so I bought two new Havoc 12's, and got them when they still were Dual 2 or Dual 1, so I was able to get them in Dual 1 (yes, I even DMM'd the voice coils to check :)). I also just purchased an AQ2200D for them.

So.. I am a METAL head.. tons of hardcore.. bands like For the Fallen Dreams, The Acacia Strain, Bury Your Dead, Emmure, A Day to Remember, etc.

But on occasion I do like to beat like a mofo through my Ipod's rap playlist..

I LOVED the sealed box that gave me that awesome kick drum thump, but I want that rap to blow my trunk off too lol..

Should I go to a box ported to low tuning (28 hz or so) or sealed? I have heard these Havocs do just as well sealed as they do ported.. suggestions?

Thanks guys!

01-21-2009, 11:35 AM
Do you have the t/s parameters on the Havoc 12's?

01-21-2009, 03:43 PM
Nah I don't :( and they don't make these Dual 1's anymore..