View Full Version : dd 1508d4 first impressions review

01-18-2009, 09:51 AM
i have this sub in a 1cuft box tuned to about 36hz and for now its running off an mtx 6500d at 2 ohms.(500 rms at 12.5v-612 on birthsheet)
i have to say that during the first 10 min. of playing time the 1508 sounded like total ***. as of now, i have one hour of playing time with the last 30 min. of time pushing it as hard as i could with the power at hand.
after the first 10 min or so it came to life really good(suspension had to loosen a bit)
now i allways expect a lot from a new driver and in this case i was quite suprised with this sub. right off the bat i can see where this sub will take a lot more power than it is rated. iam going to give it a week of play time and then switch amps to a mtx81000d.
sq is good(compaired to the 10w6v2 that was in there)but the "boom" factor is what its got really good. for a single 8", it gets quite loud and has no problem playing sub 40hz notes loudly for an 8".
so far iam farely impressed with it. ofter i get the larger amp installed, i will get it metered on a tl from a local shop.
fiy this is in a 85 full size bronco

01-18-2009, 05:37 PM
here are a few pic i just took. iam starting to like this driver more and more as it breaks in. iam bulding an amp rack out of mdf where the 6500d is now. the 81000d is too large to fit in the opening. the rack will come out as far as the tire well and i will be installing a 2nd battery behind the amp rack.