View Full Version : 1995 Mustang Gt for sale(302)

01-17-2009, 10:30 AM
Allright, ive spent a good bit of money on this thing putting stuff in it. Im wanting to see how much it will go for because im thinking about selling it. Heres the good and the bad..

302 v8... 132,000 miles ( Engine runs strong )

Parts added:

Serpentine Belt -$21.56 ( another brand new goes with car)

Hood -$315.45

Shorty Headers -$99.95

Off-Road H Pipe -$126.70

Terminator Mufflers -$143.34

AODE Performance Transmission (rated 600 HP) - $993.46

Hood (repaint) -$100

02 sensors x 2 -$119.07

Subframe connectors -$58.45

Ford Racing 4.10 gears -$169.90

Transmission electronic sensor - $94.46

3 guage pod -$102.25

Harmonic Balancer used on 347's for 7000+ rpms - $85.15

Gauges -$64.32

Hood pins (set 2) - $34.30

Trans Rear Seal - $12.80

Rear Brake Pads(2 months old) - $39.81

Ring and Pinion Install Kit - $49.63

Rear Brake Calipers (added 2 months ago) - $160

Front Brake Pads( put on yesterday) - $30

Bought some 18x10 and 17x9 chrome rims on somewhat newer low pros - $300

Ac and smog pump bypassed

Headlights and Taillights-aftermarket

35% tint on windows

Jvc cd player

The bad:

First gear in the transmission is going bad..you cant tell unless u get on it good then it just spins for a second and when u let off it kicks in...still works good on normal driving. It will probally last a while before it goes out, ive prolly drove it another 500 miles so far since it messed up and its still working good.

The gear has a squeal to it when your slowing down. Only when your not giving it any gas. If you hold the gas pedal down barely while u slow down it doesnt do it. Might be a easy fix because they have some anti-squeal stuff you put in the rearend and i didnt do it when i changed the gears. Its like $5 for the tube.

Hood doesnt have the best paintjob. Has little white dots in the gelcoat but if your 5-10 foot back you cant see.

Front fender has the clear coat coming off.

Im asking $6,000 for it or b/o to see what it can go for...
Thanks..onto the pics